Eileen Burns
The World of Health
Wishaw, Lanarkshire
Tel:01698 355138
www.stress-coach.co.uk Owner of The World of Health since 2000
An Advanced Stress Adviser/Coach is a full member of the ISMA
She has a wide range of qualifications and experince in this field, providing stress management solutions for individuals, businesses and organisations.
Her experience includes working with young people, in a counselling service, addiction, unemployed, lone parents, routes to work.
She provides a weekly service for Get Better Together Project in Shotts. And is a contract trainer for the Princess Royal Carers Trust in Lanarkshire.
She provides 1 to 1 Sessions and Treatments in Wishaw and Hamilton.
Regular Meditation and Relaxation Classes in Hamilton Osteopathy Clinic, Lanarkshire


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Meditation Classes

Tues Evening, 7-8 8-9pm, Wishaw, Lanarkshire, Tel:01698 355138


Stress Advice to Improve your Mental, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing.

The bodies reaction to stress is our natural survival "fight or flight" response.

We will all suffer "negative stress" at sometime in our life. Long term Stress

can seriously affect our health and happiness, so its vital to mange YOUR stress.


Negative Stress is when demands or pressure in our life causes Un-ease

or Dis-ease within the body. Mentally, Physically and Emotionally.

Positive Stress is normally a challenge you can achieve. An adrenaline

surge that helps get the task done...Such as a tight deadline at work..


The No.1 Reason for Absenteeism at work is Stress, which effects an approx

14 million women and men in the UK . Click Here for Info on Stress at Work

Here for information on Meditation, Relaxation and Creative Visualisation.

de-stressStress Management can effectively reduce symptoms of Stress.
When staff learn to manage their stress they become empowered. Stress
Management Awareness can be provided by 1 to 1 Sessions, Workshops
& Training. We also provide Distant Programmes for All.


Kathleen McBirnie -Motherwell College "Eileen is always professional and always ensures participation from all members of the group............. course delivered in 09"

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