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Keep checking us out over the next few weeks in May as we add more amazing therapists, healers in scotland for our new launch.

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About The World of Health

The World of Health was originally established as a holistic health information portal and directory in Lanarkshire in 2000 by Eileen Burns alongside Eileen's Stress Management Therapy business.

 As eileen's main business developed Eileen had to let go of the directory to focus on her Stress Coaching Service now a Stress Coach Training School. 

But even a few years later The World of Health was still achieving high quality relevant traffic for holistic wellbeing in scotland, due to the high quality links building and seo eileen had built over 12 years.

Recognising that The World of Health was still the ideal resource for a one stop holistic health portal and directory promoting therapists in lanarkshire , glasgow and other areas in scotland.

Eileen decided to relaunch The World of Health as a Scottish Holistic Directory and Portal, where holistic therapists, practitioners, classes, training and suppliers could come together, educate and promote holistic wellbeing to the community of scotland.

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Our Mission:

To provide a  one stop health portal and directory of holistic health services in scotland

Where people of scotland can find their local holistic wellbeing service provider. 

Their local healer, counsellor, therapist, fitness or yoga class and so much more.....